Ugandans still ignorant about SDGs

This was during the youth dialogue on SDGs in Kampala on Tuesday.

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Youth leaders from various Civil Society Organisations have called on the Government to involve the youth and other groups of people in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) for better results. They argued that the implementation of SDGs remains slow and invisible because there is no inclusiveness. This was during the youth dialogue on SDGs in Kampala on Tuesday. They event was organised by Youth Equality Centre (YEC). The YEC Team Leader, Ali Kaviri said the youth are very critical and need to be involved at every stage. “The youth have been left out of the whole process yet they are the majority. We need the youth to be involved and become drivers of SDGs in their communities. When we go to the communities, people ask us what SDGs are,” he added. Kaviri called on all youth organisations to come up with a clear framework on how to coordinate various activities towards the implementation of SDGs. The Programme Manager; Healing Point International, Kenneth Wabuteya said there is a need to move from policy to action. 

 Nakayima speaking to participants“We have many policies, but no action. Youth need to take the lead in the implementation of SDGs right from their areas of operation.  We need to involve all youth from various sectors including; drivers, boda-boda drivers, students and market vendors among others to make them understand,” he said. Wabuteya said many people think SDGs are for elites because they have not been sensitised.   Ashraf Kakaire, from the Open Space Centre, said SDGs dialogues should move away from hotels to communities. “We must localize this concept for people to understand it,” he added. The NGO-Forum Coordinator Policy and Advocacy, Esther Nakayima said there is a need for a consortium of youth from all organizations on SDGs to take the lead. Phiona Atuhaire, from the Prime Minister’s Office, said SDGs have already been localised into 10 local languages to facilitate proper understanding by the local person.

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